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Come watch me talk!

If you are in Iowa City, you are very welcome to drop by and watch my brief research presentation this Friday! It’s open to the public. The building is across from Kinnick Stadium and next to the water tower.

I’ll only speak for about ten minutes. There will be triangles involved. I’ve already listened to trial runs of the other presentations and they will be fascinating!

This is the official flyer:


Friday, April 24, 2015

WJSHC- Room 308

12:00 noon – 1:00pm


In this data blitz session, four doctoral students from Communication Sciences and Disorders will present new research on speech and language disorders. Join us for these exciting “sound bites” of science.


Naomi Hertsberg, Self-perceived Competence and Social Acceptance of Children who Stutter

Larissa Jordan, Verbal Fluency:Norms for the Lakota Population in Semantic and Phonemic Fluency Tasks

Bogi Takács, Investigating the Learning Strategies of College Students with Language Disabilities

Hope Gerlach and Anu Subramanian, Bibliotherapy in Stuttering Treatment: Graduate Clinician and Client Perspectives

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events.  If you a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation  to participate in this program, please contact Vicki Jennings at 319-335-8726 in the Department of communication Sciences and Disorders.

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Discussion about autism and intersectionality!

I’m guest moderating a discussion about autism and intersectionality on #autchat tomorrow! I’ll paste a few things from the information sheet:

What: A weekly twitter chat for autistic people and people with related neurodivergences, for autism-related topics, including those with overlap with other neurodivergences (e.g. sensory, motor, executive functioning issues). Self-diagnosed/community-recognized people are welcome. The hashtag is also open for ongoing chat.

When: Tuesdays 11am PDT / 1pm CDT / 2pm EDT / 7pm GMT, lasts approximately 1 hour

For more info, contact: @theoriesofminds (email), @AskCisco, or @Ask_anAspergirl


And now a few words of my own:

We’ll discuss intersectionality  – I have five specific subtopics for discussion, but all are very general. Before we begin, I’ll also explain what intersectionality is.

This is all on a bit of a short notice because I’ve been, and continue to be, very busy at work. I want to invite a bunch of people specifically and I’ll be sending out DMs (I’ll also probably forget to invite some people, because again, short notice and I need some sleep and rest) but it’s totally OK if you can’t make it.

I’ll probably also do another round of this focusing specifically on trans and nonbinary issues plus autism, next week or the week after. So you can put that in your calendar now :D

I have a bunch of other announcements, but I try to spread them out and post something every day. If you are in Iowa City, you can come see me present on Friday – more tomorrow IY”H!

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#diversestories and #diversepoems Apr 13-17

This is the usual weekly roundup of my diverse SFF short story and poem recommendations on Twitter!

I ended up doing the Apr 14-15 updates both on Apr 15 because I was very unwell and exhausted on Apr 14, and because the two stories were set in the same continuity so they go well together. (I usually don’t post two stories by the same author in a given month, except if they are related, like e.g., these two Zen Cho stories.)

Apr 13: (Short story) The Shape of my Name by Nino Cipri on Tor.com, Mar 2015

Apr 14: (Novelette) (Non-free) Légendaire. by Kai Ashante Wilson in Bloodchildren: Stories by the Octavia E. Butler Scholars ed. Nisi Shawl, 2013.

Apr 15: (Short story) Super Bass by Kai Ashante Wilson on Tor.com, May 2013

Apr 16: (Long poem) The Multiple Lives of Juan and Pedro by Isabel Yap in Apex, Apr 2015

Apr 17: (Flash story) Men sell not such in any town by Nalo Hopkinson in Nature Futures, Sep 2005


Some cool links:

* Defying Doomsday anthology fundraiser – disability-themed SFF anthology edited by actual disabled and chronically ill people. I want one of the higher tiers but I have no moneeyyyy ;_____;

* The first issue of Truancy, the latest project of Nin Harris – in my TBR pile!

* Francesca Forrest interviews Lisa M. Bradley about her recent collection (I just read it myself! Watch this space…)

* Writing SFF and self-worth by Rose Lemberg, storify by Charles A. Tan

* Out of fracture by M Sereno, on recent controversies; a very heartfelt post. It also comes with excellent recommendations, I need to fill in my gaps in reading!


Recent supporters of the series:

* Mitchell Hart of Through the Gate got me two books from my wishlist: The Dear One by Jacqueline Woodson and The Second Mango by Shira Glassman. Thank you Mitchell!!

Amazon tells me there are more surprises en route. Thank you Anonymous Benefactor!


You can support the series by getting me stuff from my Amazon wishlist – I cannot accept monetary payment off-campus, so I don’t have a Patreon or anything similar.

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Guest post on Disability in Kidlit

While I was away for the holidays, my guest post on Disability in Kidlit went live. It’s about intersectionality in books with autistic protagonists.

This is my second guest post I wrote recently, after my essay on being a migrant and the representation of migrants in SFF at Jim Hines’ blog.

It has been an interesting experience writing them, but I think I’ll need a different approach to guest posts… What people seem to be interested in are identity-politics-focused essays first and foremost (this is probably due to the current American political climate), but I find them emotionally exhausting to write. I have something a bit different lined up next…

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#diversestories and #diversepoems Apr 6-10

It is time for the usual weekly roundup of my diverse SFF short story and poem recommendations, as posted on Twitter under #diversestories and #diversepoems.

Apr 6: (Short story) You’ll Always Have the Burden with You by Ken Liu in In Situ, July 2012; reprinted in Perihelion, Dec 2013

Apr 7: (Poem) Triumph XV: Vetala by Shweta Narayan in Tor.com, April 2015

Apr 8: (Flash story) Red String by Cassandra Khaw in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Mar 2015

I had to take a break on Apr 9-10 due to running behind on Passover preparations and toppling over from exhaustion, but the series resumed today! Go visit me on Twitter and join in the fun. :D

Recent supporters of the series:

* A.C. Wise got me a print copy of The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj from my wishlist

* Charles A. Tan got me an ebook of Ken Liu’s Grace of Kings!

Thank you very much!! I greatly appreciate your help!


You can support the series by getting me stuff from my Amazon wishlist – I cannot accept monetary payment off-campus, so I don’t have a Patreon or anything similar.

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Poem notes: The Bursting Season

This poem of mine was published in Polu Texni recently. I’m behind on posting my customary bonus notes – apologies!

Go read “The Bursting Season” :D Then you can read the spoilery remarks below…


This is an old poem of mine, and yet it sold on the second try. The first market held it for over a year before sending a personal rejection, then the second market also held it for almost a year before deciding to run it. It’s common for poetry markets to respond slowly, so I find myself in the strange position of my poems coming out in a completely different order than which I had originally written them. It bothers me a bit.



This poem is based on a very vivid and visceral dream I had in high school. In the dream, morning glories were growing out of my mouth and attaching themselves to my body. (I had no idea Turbina corymbosa was a plant known for its hallucinogenic qualities. I looked it up after the dream.) In the dream, a voice also said “This is the syzygy” [in Hungarian]. I looked that up too and found that it was an actual word. I then ended up reading copious amounts of Jung, which no doubt influenced my writing… though I wouldn’t particularly call myself a Jungian. Still, I enjoy the approach and how it is so utterly different from my “home paradigm” of behavioral cognitive neuro-things.


Weeping willows were very common in the town I grew up in.

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#diversepoems Mar 30 – Apr 3: Through the Gate

In my series of diverse speculative story and poem recommendations on Twitter, this week I was doing a Through the Gate special! All poems, all free content. Through the Gate is edited by Mitchell Hart, who also made an appearance on my Diverse Editors List.


Mar 30: (Poem) Levity by Lisa M. Bradley in Through the Gate, Mar 2015

Mar 31: (Poem) Last Letters by Sonya Taaffe in Through the Gate, Oct 2014

Apr 1: (Poem) My Dead Hands Lover, I’m Leaving You by Dominik Parisien in Through the Gate, Sep 2012

Apr 2: (Poem) Navigations by Mat Joiner in Through the Gate, Apr 2013

I had to miss the Apr 3 update due to Passover preparations, but I’ll do my best to schedule that poem for later.

Soon I’m also planning on putting up a post that lists all the 2015 award-eligible stories and poems I recommended so far.

Finally, a fundraiser I’d like to strongly recommend – it’s closing very soon, there’s only a day to go! Keffy Kehrli (an awesome queer trans person, also on my Diverse Editors List) is starting Glittership, a reprints magazine and podcast for QUILTBAG SFF. The first episode is already available, featuring one of my story recommendations from 2014: How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps by A. Merc Rustad.

If the fundraiser reaches its $5k stretch goal, Keffy will also buy original fiction for Glittership! We need more clueful QUILTBAG venues, and the lineup for Glittership that’s already been announced is very strong and very much to my tastes. Full disclosure: I also have a reprint in it :D I think it would be a great idea to contribute so that Keffy can buy originals too. I know many QUILTBAG and especially trans people who struggle to sell exactly the kind of content Keffy seems to be buying, so far: stories that do not buy into the “QUILTBAG people must be exactly like straight people” respectability politics dynamic.

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Upcoming publications! Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Angels of the Meanwhile

Again, I have some great writing news on April Fool’s… Last year, my first novelette was published on this day.

I have a bunch of announcements to make. They are all real, as you can confirm by clicking on the links (no, I did not hack the Lightspeed website, Neil Clarke’s Twitter account, etc :D ).

* My poetic hard SF short story “Forestspirit, Forestspirit” will appear in Clarkesworldeither in the May or June issue.

* My less poetic :) hard SF flash story “Increasing Police Visibility” will appear in the Queers Destroy Science Fiction issue of Lightspeed.

* My space opera microfiction piece “The Merry Knives of Interspecies Communication” will appear in Angels of the Meanwhile – a chapbook of poetry and micro/flash fiction edited by Alexandra Erin to benefit Elizabeth McClellan (PopeLizbet), who has recently sustained a major injury requiring costly surgery. Preorders are live now, it’s a name-your-price model. I’ll probably post more about this to encourage you to buy :)

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#diversepoems and #diversestories Mar 23-27

This week’s roundup of diverse SFF recommendations is finally in! Sorry for the delay – I’ve been very busy at work. I will have several announcement and bonus notes posts too, once I get to finishing them, G-d willing. They piled up…

This past week I had two non-free recommendations instead of one, because this week I’ll only have free content – I’m doing a venue special, drop by on Twitter to check it out!

Mar 23: (Short story) (Non-free) Bilingual by Henry Lien in F&SF, Mar/Apr 2015

Mar 24: (Poem) Lunectomy by Jack H. Marr in Stone Telling, Mar 2012

Mar 25: (Short story) Documentary by Vajra Chandrasekera in Lightspeed, Mar 2015.

Mar 26: (Short story) Where Monsters Dance by A. Merc Rustad in Inscription Magazine, Mar 2015.

Mar 27: (Novelette) (Non-free) Free Bird by Caren Gussoff, in Bloodchildren ed. Nisi Shawl, 2013.

This week’s supporters:

* Henry Lien, reviewer copy of F&SF Mar/Apr issue (he also has a few more copies and is happy to send you one too!)

* Marcell Géza Takács, various books and 6 bags of cookies :)

Thank you very much!!

You can support the series by getting me stuff from my Amazon wishlist – I cannot accept monetary payment off-campus, so I don’t have a Patreon or anything like that.

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New poem + more things incoming!

Last week there were no story or poem recommendations, because I was running around town to find a rental for next year. We found something and applied for it, so think of us!

This week, my recommendations resumed, and there are many other things I need to announce:

I just had a poem come out in Polu Texni. I’ll post the poem notes tomorrow if all goes well!

I’ll also have a poem released on Wednesday, in the new issue of Through the Gate! It is an epic poem involving lesbian wizards, frightened sea creatures and mathematics. Actual mathematics.

Further, I sold two new stories to pro markets, both on my mental list of “O.O i can’t believe i sold to this market”. (Technically, I didn’t “sell” to them because I still can’t accept payment. But the stories will be published regardless, IY”H :D ) Announcements to follow when I can!

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