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#diversepoems and #diversestories Mar 23-27

This week’s roundup of diverse SFF recommendations is finally in! Sorry for the delay – I’ve been very busy at work. I will have several announcement and bonus notes posts too, once I get to finishing them, G-d willing. They piled up…

This past week I had two non-free recommendations instead of one, because this week I’ll only have free content – I’m doing a venue special, drop by on Twitter to check it out!

Mar 23: (Short story) (Non-free) Bilingual by Henry Lien in F&SF, Mar/Apr 2015

Mar 24: (Poem) Lunectomy by Jack H. Marr in Stone Telling, Mar 2012

Mar 25: (Short story) Documentary by Vajra Chandrasekera in Lightspeed, Mar 2015.

Mar 26: (Short story) Where Monsters Dance by A. Merc Rustad in Inscription Magazine, Mar 2015.

Mar 27: (Novelette) (Non-free) Free Bird by Caren Gussoff, in Bloodchildren ed. Nisi Shawl, 2013.

This week’s supporters:

* Henry Lien, reviewer copy of F&SF Mar/Apr issue (he also has a few more copies and is happy to send you one too!)

* Marcell Géza Takács, various books and 6 bags of cookies :)

Thank you very much!!

You can support the series by getting me stuff from my Amazon wishlist – I cannot accept monetary payment off-campus, so I don’t have a Patreon or anything like that.

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New poem + more things incoming!

Last week there were no story or poem recommendations, because I was running around town to find a rental for next year. We found something and applied for it, so think of us!

This week, my recommendations resumed, and there are many other things I need to announce:

I just had a poem come out in Polu Texni. I’ll post the poem notes tomorrow if all goes well!

I’ll also have a poem released on Wednesday, in the new issue of Through the Gate! It is an epic poem involving lesbian wizards, frightened sea creatures and mathematics. Actual mathematics.

Further, I sold two new stories to pro markets, both on my mental list of “O.O i can’t believe i sold to this market”. (Technically, I didn’t “sell” to them because I still can’t accept payment. But the stories will be published regardless, IY”H :D ) Announcements to follow when I can!

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#diversestories Mar 10-14

My semi-daily Twitter recommendations series of SFF by diverse authors had a Lackington’s magazine special week!! I enjoy focusing on diverse venues and I’m already thinking about which one to highlight next. You can follow me at @bogiperson to find out more :D

This week, the series will be on hiatus as I try to find a new rental for next year, while at the same time having two different school deadlines… Wish me luck!

These were last week’s recommendations:

Mar 10: (Short story) Not Her Garden by Yukimi Ogawa, in Lackington’s, Summer 2014.

Mar 11: (Short story) Tiger Baby by JY Yang, in Lackington’s, Winter 2015. Originally published in From the Belly of the Cat, Math Paper Press, 2013.

Mar 12: (Short story) After the Rain by Polenth Blake, in Lackington’s, Winter 2015.

Mar 13: (Short story) What the Highway Prefers by Cassandra Khaw, in Lackington’s, Winter 2015.

If you are interested in supporting the series, you can get me surprises from my Amazon wishlist! I am not able to accept off-campus work payments due to my visa restrictions, so I can’t have a Patreon or anything similar.

Last week’s supporters:

Amazon tells me someone(-s?) just bought me a heap of stuff, so until it ships and find out who it was, thank you Anonymous Benefactor!

There are also some print review copies on their way toward me, I’ll list them once I have them.


There will be more news tomorrow (IY”H), I’m just splitting things into separate posts by topic. Stay tuned…

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#diversepoems and #diversestories Mar 2-6

This is the weekly roundup for my daily series of Twitter recommendations – all diverse authors, all the time!

I’ve been very unwell and in a lot of pain this week; now I’m feeling better, but I have a lot of work and household tasks to catch up on. So there’s no update today besides this post, and a bunch of relevant things I made lately:

I posted the January-February summary yesterday, for even more recs. I also made a reviewer copies policy, including ways to support this project. Finally, you can have a Storify made by Charles Tan, collecting my tweets where I muse about various issues related to diversity in publishing.

This week’s recommendations:

Mar 02: (Poem) (Music) Salamander Song by Rose Lemberg and Emily Jiang in Strange Horizons, Nov 2014

Mar 03: (Poem) Coyolxauhqui by Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas in Stone Telling, Nov 2014

Mar 04: (Short story) Pockets by Amal El-Mohtar in Uncanny, Feb 2015

Mar 05: (Short story) The Breath of War by Aliette de Bodard in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Mar 2014

Mar 06: No update, but you can read the Storify and the other extra posts listed above!

I cannot receive monetary support due to student visa limitations, but if you enjoy the series and would like to support me, you can buy me gifts on Amazon. Thank you!

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Diverse recs Jan-Feb 2015

I made a list of my Jan-Feb recommendation threads on Twitter, sorted by category, and alphabetically by title within category. Enjoy a huge amount of SFF by diverse authors!

Introductory comments:

It is interesting to look it over, this is the first time I’m making a multi-month post like this since my format change to Twitter from the blog last year. (It should’ve occurred to me to do this earlier!)

I wasn’t aiming for any kind of balance besides not having the same people recur in a single month, I usually just read what I see online and put the good stuff in my posting queue right away. (As I’ve mentioned before, I read about 3-4 stories or poems for each recommended one.) There is a lot from Goblin Fruit and Strange Horizons, because I had a Goblin Fruit and Strange Horizons weekly special during these two months.

People interested in supporting the series are very welcome to get me gifts via Amazon. I am not able to accept monetary donations due to my student visa restrictions, so I don’t have a Patreon and can’t run a fundraiser.


* After the Red Sea by Sonya Taaffe in Goblin Fruit, Winter 2014

* archival testimony fragments/minersong by Rose Lemberg, Uncanny, Feb 2015

* Demands by Mari Ness in Goblin Fruit, Winter 2014

* Golden Age by Lisa M. Bradley in The Devilfish Review, 2014

* Institutional Memory by Alexandra Erin, Star*Line, Jan 2015. Reprinted on the author’s website.

* Jörmungandr by Vajra Chandrasekera in Ideomancer, Dec 2012

* Manananggal by M Sereno in Goblin Fruit, Winter 2014

* Nothing Writes to Disk by Kythryne Aisling in Stone Telling, Nov 2014

* Pyromancer by Ada Hoffmann in Goblin Fruit, Winter 2014

*  She is, there – amongst the Mango Trees – a Flytrap Garden by Penny Stirling in Verse Kraken, 2014

* Song by JT Stewart in Stone Telling, Jan 2014

* The Haunting by Lev Mirov, Liminality, Dec 2014

* The Law of Germinating Seeds by Rose Lemberg in Goblin Fruit, Winter 2014

* The New Ways by Amal El-Mohtar in Uncanny, Dec 2014

* “Title” by Author! (actually by Alexandra Erin), Jan 2015

* Vertigo and Annihilation by Valeria Rodríguez Mar in Stone Telling, Nov 2014

Flash stories:

* Níðhöggr by Vajra Chandrasekera in Grievous Angel, Nov 2014

Short stories:

* Love is the Plan the Plan is Death by James Tiptree, Jr., original publication 1973, reprinted in Lightspeed, June 2014

* Nkásht íí by Darcie Little Badger in Strange Horizons, Dec 2014

* Observations About Eggs from the Man Sitting Next to Me on a Flight from Chicago, Illinois to Cedar Rapids, Iowa by Carmen Maria Machado, Lightspeed, Apr 2014

*  Rib by Yukimi Ogawa in Strange Horizons, June 2014

* 起狮,行礼 (Rising Lion—The Lion Bows) by Zen Cho in Strange Horizons, March 2011, reprinted in the author’s collection Spirits Abroad, 2014. Audiobook version on PodCastle.

* Santos de Sampaguitas by Alyssa Wong in Strange Horizons, Oct 2014

* 七星鼓 (Seven Star Drum) by Zen Cho, bonus ebook prequel for 起狮,行礼 (Rising Lion—The Lion Bows), published by the author.

* The Peacock by Ted Infinity and Nabil Hijazi in Strange Horizons, Jul 2011

* The Truth about Owls by Amal El-Mohtar, Kaleidoscope anthology (ed. Julia Rios and Alisa Krasnostein) 2014, reprinted in Strange Horizons, Jan 2015.


* The Devil in America by Kai Ashante Wilson on Tor.com, Apr 2014

* Trees of Bone by Daliso Chaponda in Apex Book of World SF 2, reprinted online in Apex Dec 31 2014

* We are the Cloud by Sam J. Miller in Lightspeed, Sep 2014

* Wine by Yoon Ha Lee in Clarkesworld, Jan 2014


* (Non-free) A Necessary Being by Octavia Butler in Unexpected Stories, pub. Open Road Media, 2014

*  (Non-free) The Masks of Sigma City by Corinne Duyvis in Superpow, pub. Red Penny Papers, 2014

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Reviewer copies policy

Who can send me stuff?

Everyone can send me stuff! This is a great way to support me if you enjoy the series, and also to get me to review what you are interested in.

I accept reviewer copies from authors and publishers. I also accept reviewer copies from readers, with one caveat: please do not send me items you do not have the rights to disseminate (ARCs without permission, pirated ebooks, etc). If you can buy a book in a bookstore, you can send it to me! I also have an Amazon wishlist.

I strongly prefer print copies, because I read a lot over Shabbat when I don’t use electricity due to my religious observance. You can leave me a  comment with your email and I can send you my mailing address.

What do I review?

I review SFF stories up to novella length, and poetry. I review novels on occasion. I am most interested in receiving short story anthologies and poetry collections. I interpret SFF very broadly – magical realism is definitely included.

I only review work by diverse authors (any group: PoC and ethnic minorities, QUILTBAG, disabled or chronically ill authors, etc.). For readers buying me copies: Please do not out anyone who is not out. People have tried! (People have even tried to out straight people as queer to me. Don’t do this!)

About 75% of what I review is available for free online. If you put free content online, I am still interested in receiving copies, as that might help me get to them sooner.

How does this all work?

I post about all copies I received, usually both on Twitter and in my weekly roundup posts on this site.

I do not have the capacity to review everything. I can’t even read everything, though I do usually read everything I receive in print – ebooks fare worse, as I receive quite a lot of them, and also download a lot of freebies due to following authors on Twitter. Please do not send me things with an expectation that I must review them. I’m a disabled person working full time in a completely unrelated job. I post recommendations 4-5 times a week. That’s a lot as it is, and I can’t accept any money off-campus due to my visa conditions, so please do not make demands. It is ableist and unfair, and it will make me less likely to review your content, not more.

I might read an anthology and only review one or two stories from it. This is in fact quite common. These days I primarily post recommendations, not critical reviews, so I do not post about stories I had major issues with.

If you follow me on Goodreads, you can track my book-length reading!

Which formats do I prefer?

With most preferred first:

* Print

* DRM-free .epub or mobi .prc

* OpenDocument (.odt etc)

* .doc

* .pdf

* Anything else

I dislike .rtf and .docx, but I can open them… most of the time, anyway. Still, that’s a way to annoy me!

I cannot conveniently open files with Adobe or Amazon DRM on my main reading device (a very old tablet that I put a pared-down desktop Linux on). If you really must use one of these formats, send me something via Kindle and I’ll read it on my Kindle, but this will probably mean a delay.

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#diversepoems and #diversestories Feb 24-28

Welcome to this week’s instalment of SFF recommendations by diverse authors!

Sorry the post is a bit delayed – I’ve injured my legs last week and have been in an increasing amount of pain while still trying to run around like a headless chicken.  (Yes, I saw a doctor, who told me to rest…) This week I’m trying to stay at home and recover, because my mobility has really taken a hit. I’m working on a lot of research-related stuff that can be accomplished from home. You can wish me well on Twitter or elsewhere!

Back to the usual weekly post:

I’m still working my way through my 2014 award recommendations… Here are separate recommendations threads for the remaining works I put on my lists but hadn’t posted about previously.

Feb 24: (Novella) (Non-free) The Masks of Sigma City by Corinne Duyvis in Superpow, pub. Red Penny Papers, 2014

Feb 25: (Poem) Golden Age by Lisa M. Bradley in The Devilfish Review, 2014

Feb 26: (Poem) Song by JT Stewart in Stone Telling, Jan 2014

Feb 27: (Poem) The New Ways by Amal El-Mohtar in Uncanny, Dec 2014

Feb 28: Was too unwell to post :(

A change: starting now, once a week I’ll also post about something non-free. I did this for the Hugo/Nebula recommendations and the response was very strongly positive – I think people really want to spend money on diverse content!

I don’t want to do this more frequently, because a lot of my readers can’t afford to buy so much stuff. (I couldn’t either, before I moved to the US and thus gained access to the wonderful American public library system.) But once a week (20-25%) is a decent balance, I think.

Also, I’m considering moving the Monday update to Saturday after motzei Shabbat, as my Mondays are very hectic this semester. The past few weeks I’ve tried both options, not sure which worked better.

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Acceptances roundup!

I have had a lot of sales lately, and I haven’t had time to make an announcements post. Sadly, I am still not able to accept payment from off-campus sources due to my student visa conditions, so I should probably call them “acceptances” rather than “sales”.

With that in mind, I had the following acceptances so far in 2015, in chronological order:

* Audio reprint of my short story This Shall Serve as a Demarcation originally published in Scigentasy, to appear in Glittership

* Print reprint of the same story, to appear in the QUILTBAG Start a Revolution anthology ed. Michael Matheson (check out the ToC!)

* Print reprint of my poem You Are Here / Was: Blue Line to Memorial Park originally published in Strange Horizons, to appear in the 2015 Rhysling Award anthology

* Audio reprint of my short story This Secular Technology originally published in the anthology Mirror Shards 2: Extending the Edges of Augmented Reality, to appear in Drabblecast

And I also had some originals:

* Poem The Bursting Season to appear in Polu Texni

* Epic poem The Iterative Nature of the Magical Discovery Process to appear in Through the Gate

Thank you to Rose Lemberg and the Codex submissions challenge participants for all the encouragement!! Also thank you to Mitchell Hart, who gave me a deadline extension on the epic poem, sight unseen. I’m glad it was worth the wait! This is the first ever epic poem to appear in Through the Gate, one of my favorite poetry venues, which makes me especially happy. I was very sad to miss the previous submissions window, so this time I decided to dare and ask for an extension.

I would also very much like to thank everyone who put my stories on their year’s best lists. I saw them (especially This Shall Serve as a Demarcation) on several, so it’s hard to list everyone and I’d really not miss out on any names… so this will be a general thank you. I’m planning on making a separate post about this tomorrow.

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#diversestories and #diversepoems Feb 16-20

Welcome to my regular weekly Twitter recommendations of SFF by diverse authors! This week I was looking at my Hugo, Nebula and Rhysling recommendations I hadn’t discussed separately yet. Two of them are sadly not available online, but I felt odd about putting them on my list while not having a separate thread about them. It’s incredibly hard to fill the novella category every year.

Feb 16: No update (was offline most of the day)

Feb 17: (Novelette) We are the Cloud by Sam J. Miller in Lightspeed, Sep 2014

Feb 18: (Novella?) A Necessary Being by Octavia Butler in Unexpected Stories, pub. Open Road Media, 2014

Feb 19: No update (I was traveling)

Feb 20: (Poem) Vertigo and Annihilation by Valeria Rodríguez Mar in Stone Telling, Nov 2014

I’m thinking of moving the Monday update somewhere else, because my Mondays are extremely busy this semester…

Recent supporters of the series:

* Nin Harris (120 bags of tea! and a copy of Brissett’s Elysium)

* Corinne Duyvis (ebook reviewer copies)

* Ken Liu (ebook reviewer copies)

* Open Road Media (ebook reviewer copies)

Thank you everyone! People interested in supporting the series are very welcome to get me gifts via Amazon. I am not able to accept monetary donations due to my student visa restrictions.

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Hugo / Nebula recommendations 2014: Novelette and Novella

Previous award recommendation posts:

Feb 09: Hugo / Nebula awards short story category

Feb 10: Rhysling award for short and long poem

Feb 11: Campbell award for best new writer

Feb 12: Hugo / Nebula awards novelette and novella category


These are my novelette and novella recommendations from 2014. I didn’t end up filling either ballot. If I read something cool before Hugo nominations close, I can put it in, but I really wanted to get out the post before the Nebulas closed!


* Spring Festival: Happiness, Anger, Love, Sorrow, Joy by Xia Jia, translated by Ken Liu, in Clarkesworld

* Wine by Yoon Ha Lee in Clarkesworld

* We are the Cloud by Sam J. Miller in Lightspeed

* The Devil in America by Kai Ashante Wilson on Tor.com

Since people often have trouble populating this category, I point out I also have an eligible novelette in 2014.


* A Necessary Being by Octavia Butler (in Unexpected Stories, pub. Open Road Media)

* The Masks of Sigma City by Corinne Duyvis (in Superpow, pub. Red Penny Papers)

I also have a bonus section for you to make up for the gaps…

Great novelettes reprinted online this year that are NOT eligible (I couldn’t figure out where else to put them!):

* Trees of Bone by Daliso Chaponda in Apex Book of World SF 2, reprinted online in Apex.

* Infinities by Vandana Singh in The Woman Who Thought She Was a Planet and Other Stories in 2008, reprinted online in Clarkesworld.

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